Good Samaritan Saves Animals From House Fire

Good Samaritan Saves Animals From House Fire

( – A recent report from the National Fire Protection Association showed US fire departments responded to roughly 1.4 million fires in 2020, resulting in about 3,500 deaths and 15,200 injuries. An unknown number of pets perish annually in those horrible blazes. A California family has a jogger to thank for his quick thinking that led to the rescue of their beloved pets.

An anonymous individual was jogging through a Scotts Valley, California neighborhood when he spotted smoke rising from the home of Courtney Polito and her family. The jogger approached the house and rang the doorbell to appraise the occupants of the impending danger.

However, the Politos were out of town at the time. Fortunately, they had a camera installed as part of their doorbell system, and Courtney happened to notice the jogger at her front porch. The jogger told Polito smoke was pouring out of the top of her house.

Courtney told local reporters she could hear the fire alarms sounding inside her phone through the doorbell system’s audio feed. She promptly gave the jogger the key code for the front door so he could enter the home and rescue her pets.

The jogger saved the day and successfully rescued the family’s two dachshunds, a cat and a rabbit. Courtney’s husband, Tony, praised the jogger’s heroism, telling reporters it took “a special kind of person” to run into a burning building to save their beloved pets.

Better yet, due to the jogger’s intervention, local firefighters could contain the blaze to the house’s garage and save the rest of the home.

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