Google Faces Massive Fine for Abusing Market Position

Google Faces Massive Fine for Abusing Market Position

( – The list of lawsuits filed against Big Tech companies like Google continues to expand across the United States. Google faces three lawsuits filed against it in late 2020, one by the US Department of Justice and two cases filed by several state attorneys general. One of those cases included 38 states and the other 11.

Following suit, France has scored a stunning courtroom victory over Google, paving the way for possible losses by the internet giant in the US.

France’s corporate regulator, the French Competition Authority, fined Google $267 million on Monday, June 7. The Authority determined that the tech giant discriminated against its competitors by directing business to Google’s own services. Google agreed to pay the fines in full and, as part of the settlement, said it would halt some of its unfair business practices.

The French Competition Authority president praised the decision, calling it the first of its kind to look into the “complex” system employed by Google to both “preserve” and “increase” its dominance over the online advertising services market.

The cases in the US remain in the discovery phase. However, this victory by French regulators over Google could serve as a preview of coming attractions for Google and other Big Tech companies trying to corner the market.

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