Google Removes IAC Extensions for “Terms of Service” Violations

Google Removes IAC Extensions for

( – The use of deceptive marketing strategies on the internet is nothing new, particularly for big-tech companies. Terms of service policies and enforcement actions often serve as the first line of defense against such practices.

On December 6, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google removed several IAC/Interactive Corp browser extensions from its Chrome Web Store after investigators discovered multiple policy violations. Additionally, Alphabet, Inc., Google’s parent company, is considering other severe penalties against the tech company.

According to Google, IAC/Interactive misled users regarding their extensions. Google investigators determined that several of IAC’s extensions failed to supply promised features. Rather than leading to the expected services, the extensions sometimes redirected users toward online advertisements.

According to insiders, Google executives have expressed concerns their actions might be viewed as anti-competitive. An IAC spokesperson echoed similar worries, telling Reuters that Google received millions of dollars from IAC to distribute their products, yet now appears to be deliberately limiting their reach.

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