GOP Candidate’s Ex Makes Startling Allegations

GOP Candidate's Ex Makes Startling Allegations

( – A Republican candidate for the US Senate is facing serious accusations from his ex-wife going into the 2022 elections. Eric Greitens is the former Missouri governor who stepped down in disgrace after a sexual misconduct allegation. In court documents, his former spouse, Sheena Greitens, accused him of abusing her and their children.

Sheena Greitens filed the documents as part of a custody battle over their two sons in Boone County court. She accused her estranged husband of pushing her down and taking away her cell phone, wallet, and keys in an attempt to detain her and their children. She also alleges he physically abused the children, including striking one of their sons and pulling him by his hair.

Mrs. Greitens also said Mr. Greitens purchased a firearm and threatened to kill himself if she would not support him publicly. She further stated he crafted a story to accuse her of child abuse if she didn’t adhere to his requests to delete emails, and the former governor’s ex-wife said she feared for her and her children’s safety.

The candidate’s campaign denied the allegations, saying Greitens a good father. Campaign representatives also claimed the former spouse has a history of mental health issues and emotionally abusive behavior, categorizing this as a political attack. They explained Eric Greitens currently has custody of his children and will retain it going forward.

His ex-wife’s attorney did not respond when asked for a comment on the matter.

Greitens faced some backlash from other Republicans. Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) told Greitens to seek help for his issues and drop out of the race. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) called the allegations “disgusting and sickening” and said Eric Greitens should “be in prison, not on the ballot.” He also said he should end his political bid.

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