GOP Congressman LEAVING?! – Here’s Where He Might Be Headed

Ben Sasse Planning To Resign, Reports Say

Ben Sasse May Become New University of Florida President

( – Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) may be leaving the US Senate. While he hasn’t made a formal announcement, KFAB’s Ian Swanson reported on Twitter on October 6 that Sasse is expected to move on to the University of Florida as its next president. UF and Sasse himself have also indicated the big career change may be coming.

UF announced on its website that the senator is the only person its Presidential Search Committee is considering to become the school’s next president after unanimously voting for him out of 12 candidates. The statement noted Sasse’s extensive history working in academia and leadership as reasons behind the decision. Committee chair Rahul Patel was quoted in the announcement calling the Nebraskan a “gifted public servant.”

The committee must still conduct an evaluation and receive confirmation from the Florida Board of Governors before the appointment becomes official.

Sasse visited the campus on October 10. He will have a final interview with the university’s Board of Trustees on November 1, which will broadcast live from Emerson Hall.

Sasse also spoke to the Tampa Bay Times on October 6 about the job opportunity. He told the outlet he was looking forward to the possibility of “step[ping] away from politics and join a “team of big-cause, low-ego people.”

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was quoted on Twitter by C-SPAN Capitol Hill Producer Craig Caplan that he would hate to see the Nebraskan leave but believes in whatever decision he makes. Former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Sasse in the 2020 election only to have the senator later vote to impeach him, questioned on Truth Social why the senator ran for reelection when he was going to quit so soon into his term. He also called his potential resignation “great news” for the Senate.

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