GOP Lawmakers Accuse DHS of Targeting Conservatives

GOP Lawmakers Accuse DHS of Targeting Conservatives

( – According to a recent Fox News report, the DHS has been slammed by Republican lawmakers for allegedly targeting conservatives and for providing funds to a university program that has been lumping Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians in with organizations that encourage the Nazi Ideology.

On Friday, June 2, Representative Andy Biggs, (R-Arizona) sent a letter co-signed by fifteen other GOP members to Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, in which he pushed for the DHS and Mayorkas to stop pursuing those who were against President Joe Biden and his administration.

In the letter which was acquired by Fox News, Biggs claimed that under Mayorkas’ leadership, the DHS had repeatedly tried to target conservative Americans and to stop them from using their 1st Amendment rights. He said that the US Constitution explicitly prohibits the federal government from trying to limit Americans’ freed speech through any means. Despite this, Biggs alleged that under Biden admin, there has been unlawful regulation of free speech.

The letter also said that the DHS under Mayorkas had provided funding to organizations that have tried to create a link between conservatism and domestic terrorism. He also said that Mayorkas’ duty includes stopping this “targeting of ideas.”

This reference was to a story from last May where it was reported that DHS had given out $350,000 in anti-terrorism grant money to a University of Dayton program called the Preventing Radicalization to Extremist Violence through Education, Network-Building and Training in Southwest Ohio (PREVENTS-OH) project. It was reportedly later revealed that the program had placed many mainstream conservative groups and the Republican party on their “Pyramid of Far-Fight Radicalization” next to militant neo-Nazis.

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