GOP Member Introduces Measure To Support Small Businesses

GOP Member Introduces Measure To Support Small Businesses

GOP Lawmaker Makes BOLD Move – A Boost for Small Businesses?

( – The American economy relies on all sorts of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop diners and everything in between. Some politicians are now focusing on small enterprises, those employing fewer than 500 people, and how best to support them from a federal level. One GOP congressman just introduced a bill hoping to give these entrepreneurs a boost.

On Tuesday, August 2, House Representative Rick Allen (R-GA) introduced The Startup Act, a potential amendment to the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. If passed, the bill would expand access to entrepreneurship resources and training and allow the Department of Labor (DOL) to study these programs’ efficacy over three years in multiple states.

Allen’s experience as an entrepreneur for nearly 40 years explains his support for this initiative, which groups such as Make Startups and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council back as well. In an interview with Newsmax, Allen said his bill is designed to provide support for the “modern workforce.”

According to Allen’s press release, Eric Parker, the president of Make Startups, said the bill would “remove barriers,” providing small ventures with valuable support and training resources. Do you think this bill is a good idea, especially with businesses and individuals nationwide feeling the effects of inflation and supply chain issues?

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