GOP Rep. Addresses Idea of Being Trump’s Running Mate

GOP Rep. Addresses Idea of Being Trump's Running Mate

( – On Monday, October 30, during an interview on “The Daily Show” with Charlamagne Tha God, Rep. Nancy Mace (RS.C.) addressed the idea of being former President Donald Trump’s running mate. Reports have indicated she might be on his shortlist of candidates.

During the interview, Charlamagne asked, given what happened for former Vice President Mike Pence, whether being Trump’s running mate would be “worth it.” Mace suggested the idea was “intriguing,” and that this was an interesting conversation to be had as she wanted her girl to know that she could be the U.S. president. She added that she wanted to see Republicans placing women on the ticket both as presidential candidates and as vice presidents. This was something she wanted to see happen as she wanted little girls across the country to know that they could eventually become the president.

Mace also noted that while this was an important conversation, there were other conversations to be had as well. She stated that she had not talked with Trump or asked him about this possibility and that currently, her focus was on her own state.

She said she understood why certain people are discussing this, and that she would be able to do a lot to bring women’s issues forth. According to her, this was one of the things that Republicans had lost on last year. However, she stated that currently, her focus is on South Carolina.

These moments come almost a month after she joined seven other Republicans in voting to have Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) removed from the Speaker’s office last month. The decision was particularly surprising for the majority of Republicans who had not expected her to join the calls to have McCarthy ousted.

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