GOP Scores MAJOR Victory – See Where!

DeSantis Gloats Over GOP Victories in Florida

GOP Scores Major Victory in Florida

( – Florida has traditionally been a toss-up state. Anyone alive at the time remembers the hanging chad debacle of the 2000 presidential election. But on November 8, the state went red. In an election decided in many other places by razor-thin margins, Florida’s victors stomped their Democratic opponents. Newly re-elected Governor Ron DeSantis called it a “win for the ages” while celebrating his victory after the election.

DeSantis received a blowout win over Democrat Charlie Crist, obtaining 59.38% of the vote over the challenger’s 39.96%. Senator Marco Rubio (R) had 57.69% of ballots cast for him, compared to 41.26% for his Democratic opponent Val Demings. The night ended with 20 Republicans and only 8 Democrats representing Florida in the US House of Representatives. In fact, GOP candidates at all levels saw victory, setting the state legislature up for Republican control.

The GOP managed to grab the important Hispanic vote. Senator Rubio has received a lot of credit for making that happen. He is the longest-serving Hispanic senator in Florida and used his Cuban roots to promote the Republican Party among the Spanish-speaking community.

DeSantis also played a significant role in the state’s transformation. He barely won his first run for governor in 2018, but his actions in office during the pandemic and his strong support of personal freedoms have made him popular. He’s secured support in Florida and nationwide, and although there has been no confirmation at this point, there has been speculation that he could be the Republican party’s nominee in the 2024 presidential election.

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