Governor Gavin Newsom Facing Criticism From His Own Party

Gavin Newsom Under Fire From His Own Party Due to COVID-19 Response

( – Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s frustrating efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic have prompted a statewide effort to remove him from office.

While Republicans spearheaded the recall effort, his COVID-19 response has provoked criticism from prominent state Democrats and party operatives, too.

Much of the Democratic-led criticism centers around Newsom’s lack of transparency regarding the underlying data supporting his COVID-19 restrictions. State assembly member Laura Friedman told the Los Angeles Times that lawmakers and the public should have access to that information to understand his rationale better.

Friedman complained that Newsom has largely left the legislature in the dark when developing the state’s coronavirus response. Continuing, she said lawmakers and the public would have more confidence in Newsom’s decisions were he willing to release the data behind them.

Steve Maviglio, a Democratic political consultant, conceded that Newsom’s handling of the pandemic could lead to future political peril for the embattled governor. He should know. He served as press secretary for Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, the only governor ever recalled in California.

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