Governors Call for End to International Travel Vaccine Rule

Governors Call for End to International Travel Vaccine Rule

Governors Send CRITICAL Request – Biden Notified!

( – People traveling into the United States must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. But not everyone thinks this rule should still be in place, given the current phase of the pandemic. In an August 10 letter to President Joe Biden, governors from 19 states asked the executive branch to lift the mandate, citing various issues it’s causing.

The CDC requires vaccination documentation for all foreign persons coming into the country by plane. The only exceptions are US citizens, lawful permanent residents, and people with immigrant visas. The rule has been in place since October 25, 2021.

The governors noted maintaining the requirement seems odd, considering the administration is working to lift Title 42 because there’s no longer a serious threat from the coronavirus due to increased vaccine and treatment availability. Additionally, over 70 other countries have reportedly removed their COVID limits and requirements for entry.

Furthermore, they said the administration initially based the implementation on the premise that vaccines would stop viral transmission. However, at this point, the governors feel keeping the requirement does nothing to protect the country against further infections.

The governors argued maintaining the rule is only hurting the economy, stunting tourism, limiting global sports activities, and harming states. The letter ends by urging the president to move the US back to normality by removing the restriction.

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