Group of High Schoolers Rescues Woman After Car Accident

Group of High Schoolers Rescues Woman After Car Accident

Terrifying CRASH – Young Heroes Step In!

( – Car accidents can be terrifying events, sending vehicles careening across roadways or into poles. An accident in front of a high school trapped one Georgia woman in her car as smoke billowed out of the hood and fluid leaked onto the road. Yet, a few young men saw the lady in danger and rushed to help, saving her life.

On Friday, August 12, six Rome High School football team members had just arrived at school when they saw two cars collide, leaving a 50-year-old woman stuck in her car with the driver’s door crunched shut. Without hesitation or thought about the danger they might be putting themselves in, the boys ran to the car and worked together to pry open the door and help the driver escape. The players stayed with her to help her calm down until the police arrived. The young men also checked on the occupants of the second vehicle, ensuring nobody was injured.

Luckily, the woman received only a few minor injuries, and the young football players who put their lives on the line came out unscathed. Their coach, John Reid, told Fox 5 Atlanta the young men are likely heroes “to that woman and her family” but emphasized he’s simply “really proud of them.”

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