Harvey Weinstein in Trouble With UK Over Assault Case

Harvey Weinstein Charged in UK Assault Case

NEW Harvey Weinstein Charges – U.K. Closes In!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Since The New York Times uncovered extensive sexual abuse from Harvey Weinstein against numerous women in October 2017, an increasing number of victims have stepped forward to obtain justice for the alleged wrongs committed against them. The disgraced Hollywood producer is currently serving 23 years in prison for a 2020 rape conviction and faces more charges for sex crimes in California. Now, the UK is also bringing charges against the “Pulp Fiction” producer.

On Wednesday, June 8, the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) announced it authorized the Metropolitan Police to bring two counts of indecent assault against Harvey Weinstein. The alleged attacks occurred in August 1996 against an unnamed woman.

Rosemary Ainslie, Head of the CPS Special Crime Division, emphasized that it’s “extremely important there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.” While such a warning may sound strict, a published interview with a juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell case almost got the convicted sex trafficker a retrial after the juror revealed he didn’t fill out his questionnaire thoroughly.

Both US and UK legal systems presume defendants are innocent until proven guilty. That’s the reasoning for the prosecution’s request to refrain from discussing the case to ensure the investigation remains above board in hopes of reaching justice for the victim.

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