Heavy Turbulence Leads To Multiple Injuries on Hawaii-Bound Flight

Heavy Turbulence Leads to Dozens of Injuries on Hawaii-Bound Flight

(ConservativeHub.com) – Turbulence is one of the scariest flight experiences for many, and passengers on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 35 had a rough time with it on December 18. The Airbus A330, carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew members, was heading to the Daniel K Inouye international Airport in Honolulu from Phoenix when it hit some serious turbulence. The incident reportedly resulted in 36 injuries, with 11 being severe. Three of those hurt were part of the crew.

The incident occurred shortly before the flight’s landing. It rocked the aircraft so hard that it knocked some passengers out of their seats. Some victims lost consciousness, and several suffered head wounds, bruises, cuts, and nausea. The youngest victim was 14 months old.

Turbulence results from a change in air currents and is usually difficult to predict. The phenomena can range from light to extremely intense, with the worst leading to a loss of aircraft control. The actual cause of this incident hasn’t been confirmed, although it was notable that a cold front was expected to roll through that weekend and possibly cause thunderstorms.

According to reports, the airline’s executive vice president and chief operation officer Jon Snook explained the issue happened when the plane first started its descent at about 36,000 feet. The seat belt light was on, and it happened without warning. He noted it was uncommon for a flight to experience turbulence that extreme.

Passengers received care immediately at the airport. Twenty individuals went to the hospital for further treatment.

Hawaiian Airlines stated in a December 18 Twitter post that it was monitoring the situation. The National Transportation Safety Board said it was investigating along with the Federal Aviation Administration.

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