Herschel Walker Faces ANOTHER Accusation – Insists It’s False!

Herschel Walker Faces Allegations From Another Woman

Herschel Walker Faces Accusation From Another Woman

(ConservativeHub.com) – With the current 50-50 split in the US Senate, candidates hoping for a spot in the upper chamber are campaigning hard in these final weeks before the November midterm elections. In Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker is up against Democrat Raphael Warnock, but the GOP candidate has hit a few road bumps as a second woman has stepped forward and accused him of paying for her abortion.

Women Come Forward With Abortion Claims

A few weeks ago, a woman accused Walker of paying for her abortion in 2009 and later pressuring her to get a second, something the former football star vehemently denied. However, after these claims, another lady has come out with an accusation against her former boyfriend.

On Wednesday, October 26, an anonymous woman referred to as Jane Doe spoke at a press conference in Los Angeles with her lawyer Gloria Allred. Doe claimed she had an affair with the GOP candidate from 1987 until the spring of 1993, while he was married to his first wife Cindy Grossman and played for the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings.

According to CBS News, during her speech, Doe emphasized she is “a registered independent” who voted for Trump twice but does “not believe Herschel is morally fit to be a US Senator.”

Allred, known for taking on clients manipulated or abused by powerful men, reportedly had evidence from Doe, including a card, photo, and voice recording to prove their relationship was real. The woman did not provide evidence of the alleged abortion, and no news sites have been able to confirm whether such an event truly took place. She claimed it occurred in Dallas, and after backing out the first time she went, Walker drove her the next day to ensure it happened.

Walker Gets Frustrated With Continual Claims

In response to this second allegation tarnishing his reputation, Walker issued a statement saying it was “a lie” and that he’s “done with this foolishness.” He then accused Democrats of doing “whatever they can” to ensure he doesn’t win the election.

Walker’s official campaign stance is that he opposes abortion in all situations without exception and has said he’d support a national ban on the procedure. However, without hard evidence from his accusers, this could remain a battle of he said/she said, with most Americans never learning the truth.

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