House Republican Secures Support

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – On Monday, House Republicans adopted a rules package that will be used in the lower chamber for the next two years. This is after the long winded race that allowed Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to become the House Speaker after 14 unsuccessful voting rounds.

The package for the most part received support along partisan lines in a 220-213 vote. The rules package was one of the important negotiation tools used by McCarthy last week in order to secure the support of the GOP detractors. For McCarthy to win the Speakership he had to make a number of concessions based on the GOP holdouts that he was dealing with.

After four days of voting, McCarthy won the Speakership, but the entire process led to many wondering what provisions McCarthy had agreed to.

One of the most controversial provisions related to the fact that a single member could now motion for the Speaker to be removed from his position. This means that a single lawmaker has the right to force a Speaker to vacate his position through a vote.

Previously, the majority of the Republican conference needed to be in agreement before a motion could be brought forth. However, even before the election, McCarthy had said that as part of the rules he would switch it to five members needed to agree to force a vote.

That change was not enough to convince the ultra-conservative members of the party to support McCarthy. Instead, they wanted the limit to be dropped to one person again, as it had been before Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) changed the rules after winning the Speakership in 2019.

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