Human Remains Discovered at Landfill

Human Remains Discovered at Landfill

( – Landfill workers probably make a lot of interesting discoveries in their day-to-day life as they sort through America’s trash. But, employees at a Texas waste facility got a bit of a startle this week when they moved around some rubbish and found a body amidst the piles.

On Wednesday, March 23, workers at a waste disposal center in Harris County, Texas, uncovered the body of a middle-aged white man in the pile of trash dropped off the night before. ABC13 Houston shared the breaking news:

While the body did not have clear signs of trauma, the police investigators are not ruling out foul play just yet. The current speculation from authorities is that he was a homeless man in a dumpster when a trash truck picked up the garbage and took it to the landfill. The man was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and reportedly had an ID on him.

Hopefully, the workers who found the body aren’t too traumatized by the experience, and police can find out who this man was and what led to his body showing up at the landfill. If he was one of Texas’ estimated 27,229 homeless persons, could this be a wake-up call for communities to establish more safe areas for them?

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