Human TRAFFICKING Operation – Police Find Their Suspects!

Despicable Human Trafficking Scheme Exposed

Despicable Human Trafficking Scheme Reportedly Exposed

( – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office rescued eight women held against their will and forced into sex work after traffickers brought them into the United States from Cuba. Authorities arrested two individuals who stand accused of creating a human trafficking ring where they made immigrants pay for their trip into the country by working in adult entertainment and prostitution in Florida.

After a tip from the public, officers began watching two apartments containing the eight victims. They saw the suspects shuttling the women from the residences to adult establishments in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. Based on observation, authorities convinced one victim to provide details about the crimes, successfully allowing them to obtain a search warrant.

News outlets report that officers freed the women and confiscated evidence of coercion and threats the suspects used against their victims. They also placed the individuals, Amet Ramon Maqueira de la Cal and Rosalia Leonard Garcia, under arrest.

The couple allegedly required the women to work in the sex trade to pay back the cost of immigration to the US and cover rent and food. They isolated the victims from outside help by taking their mobile phones and threatening their families.

The suspects face over 40 charges each related to human trafficking, holding the women hostage, and forcing them to work in the sex industry. De la Cal also faces an additional firearm charge. The investigation remains ongoing.

According to the US Embassy in Cuba, trafficking remains an ongoing issue for Cubans within Cuba and in other countries.

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