Hunter Biden Attends Art Gallery Event With Family

Hunter Biden Attends Art Gallery Event With Family

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, isn’t known for keeping a low profile. He detailed years of alcohol and drug abuse, along with other debauchery, in his autobiography. Ethical concerns have recently surrounded the auction of some of his paintings for exorbitant prices at a New York art gallery. However, despite those concerns, the younger Biden decided to attend a party at the gallery.

Reporters shot images of Hunter, his wife, and their children arriving at the gala. The president’s sister, Valerie Biden Owen, and reality television star Meghan King made an appearance at the event as well. Journalists covering the event observed the gallery didn’t serve any alcoholic beverages, perhaps in deference to Biden’s past.

The event ran as one might expect. The gallery owner praised Hunter’s talent, telling attendees he was “a serious artist,” and his “work is terrific.” Price tags for his work reached as high as $500K per painting.

Things got a little tense at the gala when a reporter from the New York Post asked Hunter about his laptop. “There’s always a [expletive] in the bunch,” he said while sporting a tight-lipped grin, or perhaps a sneer. His wife shot back, “It doesn’t exist,” a seemingly curious claim considering the fact Hunter already admitted it could be his.

If President Biden can’t rein in his own son, how can America expect him to lead the country effectively?

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