Hunter Biden Painting Sales Raise Ethics Concerns

Hunter Biden Painting Sales Raise Ethics Concerns

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, either can’t keep out of trouble, out of the news, or both. He’s been a thorn in his father’s side for years, from his admitted history of substance abuse to more recent reports concerning his allegedly corrupt business practices with overseas energy corporations located in Ukraine and China.

The Washington Post reported on July 8 that White House officials helped an auction house draft an agreement between a New York gallery owner and Hunter Biden to conceal the identity of purchasers of his paintings at an upcoming auction.

The agreement would prevent purchasers from gaining access to Biden administration officials or leveraging favors from them. However, ethics experts warn the plan could backfire — in a major way.

Obama administration ethics head Walter Shaub posted multiple threads on Twitter discussing potential problems with the arrangement. In one thread, he discussed the fact that it would be impossible to monitor purchasers of Biden’s artwork under this agreement to make sure they don’t gain access to the government as a perk. “That’s very disappointing,” he concluded.

Shaub noted in another tweet that even if the purchase of a Biden painting doesn’t buy access to the administration, it might set a precedent that could lead to White House access and other perks in the future.

In the bigger picture, this new development is alarming considering all the other outstanding ethical concerns surrounding Hunter Biden and his business dealings.

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