Hunter Biden Reportedly Caught Using N-Word

Hunter Biden Reportedly Caught Using N-Word

( – The president’s son, Hunter Biden, can’t seem to stop creating new scandals. He’s the subject of multiple federal investigations, and the April 6 release of his memoir delivered a horrifying first-person account of his decades-long abuse of drugs. Moreover, revelations regarding his past transgressions continue to plague him and his father.

Media outlets reported on June 8 that the younger Biden used “the n-word” several times while text messaging his White corporate attorney George Mesires. For example, Biden told Mesires, “n**** you better not be charging… Hennessy rates” in one message. He also repeated phrases like “true dat n****” throughout the messages.

Hunter Biden also joked with Mesires about his ethnicity, in one instance telling the lawyer he only loved him “because you’re Black.” Ironically, members of the media obtained the text messages days after President Joe Biden gave a speech denouncing racism.

If Hunter Biden’s moral compass is any indication of President Biden’s ability to lead, the country could be in serious trouble.

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