Hunter Biden’s Firm Involved in Critical Purchase by China, Report Says

Hunter Biden's Firm Involved in Critical Purchase by China, Report Says

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is notorious for his allegedly shady business dealings and less than appropriate encounters with women and drugs. These things are usually not covered by Liberal-leaning news outlets. Still, in a rare move, the New York Times uncovered one of Hunter’s recent deals that helped a Chinese company purchase a mine that produces cobalt, one of the key elements of electric vehicle batteries.

Biden Works With China to Facilitate Mine Purchase

In 2013, Hunter Biden helped found the investment firm BHR with two other Americans and some Chinese partners, including the Bank of China. In 2016, the company helped facilitate a key deal allowing China greater control of the electric vehicle battery market.

The deal occurred when BHR helped China Molybdenum purchase shares in a cobalt and copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for $2.65 billion. During the initial purchase, BHR agreed to another deal in which the Chinese company would purchase additional shares of the mine from them two years later. After this purchase, China Molybdenum owned 80% of the mine.

At the time of the second acquisition, Hunter Biden owned a 10% stake in BHR through a Delaware-based company named Skaneateles LLC.

Biden and Advisors Deny Any Significant Involvement in Deal

A former BHR board member said the American founders of the firm, including Hunter Biden, were not involved in the mine acquisition. Additionally, reports show Hunter Biden resigned from the BHR board in April 2020. Similarly, a spokesman for China Molybdenum said it didn’t know Hunter Biden and wasn’t aware of his involvement with BHR. Yet, critics have questioned the truth of these comments, given the fact Joe Biden was vice president during the deals.

China’s Involvement in the Electric Vehicle Market

This deal was just one example of many Chinese businesses acquiring natural resources needed to build electric vehicle batteries. Perhaps China hopes to monopolize the electric car battery market and make millions from President Joe Biden’s push toward electric vehicles.

Critical investigations should dig deeper into these questionable business dealings to reveal whether Hunter Biden, his father or possibly even President Barack Obama might have been involved. Between Biden’s current promotion of electric vehicles and China’s enormous hold over the natural resources used to make them, the deal involving a company Hunter Biden was associated with appears quite questionable on its surface.

Any collusion between the Biden family and China could condemn all involved for their attempt to profit off of politics.

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