Hunter Biden’s Shady Past About to Be Exposed

Hunter Biden's Shady Past About to Be Exposed

( – Controversy continues to surround Joe Biden’s family. There are multiple allegations that the president’s son, Hunter, cashed in on his father’s position as vice-president while conducting business in communist China and Ukraine. One of his former business partners accused the Biden family of being “compromised by China.” Now, it appears Hunter’s “wild life and dodgy business dealings” are about to hit the silver screen.

Irish film producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney recently announced their plan to begin filming a new biopic called “My Son Hunter.”

The couple talked to Fox News about the movie on Tuesday, March 16. McAleer told Fox News the movie would focus its attention on “established facts,” setting aside any speculation.

The film will explore Hunter’s corruption, partying lifestyle, and family drama. “It’s Austin Powers meets King Lear,” McElhinney related in a statement.

Film production is scheduled to begin this summer. So far, a release date hasn’t been revealed.

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