Hunters Reportedly Killed in Terrible Accidents

Hunters Reportedly Killed in Terrible Accidents

( – Over the past weekend, two tragic incidents occurred in Garrard County, Kentucky, involving fatal self-inflicted gunshot wounds during separate hunting excursions. The first victim, Russell Stillwell, a 77-year-old Indiana native, tragically lost his life on Saturday, November 11, in the Buckeye area due to an accidental discharge of his firearm. The following day, another tragedy unfolded when Benjamin Brogle Jr., a 26-year-old resident of Garrard County, met a similar fate in the northern part of the county.

These incidents underscore the ongoing and critical conversation about gun safety in the United States. While much of the debate around gun control centers on crime, there is a growing call for enhanced safety training and education, particularly for those using firearms for lawful activities like hunting, according to Newsweek.

Unfortunately, such accidents are not unprecedented. A notable case occurred in November 2021 in Minnesota, where a deer hunter had to undergo leg amputation after accidentally shooting himself. This week’s incidents in Kentucky, as reported by Garrard County Sheriff Willie Skeens, add to a concerning trend of hunting-related accidents. Sheriff Skeens, with 30 years in law enforcement, expressed his shock at the nature of these events, according to WKYT.

Details regarding the exact circumstances and timing of these incidents are currently limited. It remains unclear whether the hunters were alone or accompanied at the time of the accidents, which could mean the presence of witnesses.

In a different incident in August, a hunter in Whitefish, Montana, was accidentally shot by his companion while they attempted to fend off a grizzly bear. The bear, which was with her cub, charged at the hunters, leading to the accidental shooting. An investigation by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks concluded that the bear, aged 25, acted in defense of her cub, and the hunters killed her in self-defense.

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