Hurricane HITS – Disaster Unfolds!

Puerto Rico Left Battered After Hurricane Sweeps Through

Puerto Rico Left Battered After Hurricane Sweeps Through

( – Nearly five years after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, another similar storm reminded residents of her intense and deadly power. Hurricane Fiona tore through the US territory, further pushing the already hurting island into a more unstable future.

On Wednesday, September 21, two days after its winds and rain cut off power to most of Puerto Rico, experts promoted Fiona to a category 4 hurricane. Various spots on the island saw up to 32 inches of rain, forcing rivers to break over their banks and start mudslides and flash floods across the landscape. As of September 26, it was estimated that around 746,000 residences and businesses remained without power in Puerto Rico, according to Reuters.

The remaining water fully isolates many communities, and much of the territory does not have electricity. Additionally, many residents can’t reach a gas station to purchase fuel for their generators. As of Saturday, September 24, at least 16 people died. Residents are still searching through the rubble, and thousands of families have no clean water or electricity.

Fiona also hit the Dominican Republic, Guadelupe, and Bermuda before becoming a post-tropical storm on Friday, September 23. However, it was still strong enough to wreak havoc when it eventually hit Newfoundland, Canada. The strong winds and tidal surges threw many homes into the sea, leaving authorities fearful that the storm caused even more death.

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