Huskies Escape After Owners Build Them 6-Foot Fence

Photo by Megan Byers on Unsplash

( – Huskies are a breed of dogs with a lot of personality, but those who have one of these great dogs will be quick to tell you how much joy they bring into your life, even if sometimes they also cause you to stress.

According to Newsweek, this is the reality that Alejandra Andrade showed in a recent viral TikTok, which has received millions of views. In the video, Andrade shared that she and her partner had put up a six-foot fence in their backyard in order to prevent the huskies from leaping over the fence to escape. Their previously four-foot version of the fence did not manage to keep the dogs in.

In the new video, the huskies who were not happy with the new fence decided to find a new way to escape since they could not go over it in order to escape. In the video, the dogs are carried back to the home, as shown by the doorbell camera. The shot proceeds to show the accomplishment of the huskies, and the fact that the two dogs had later dug under the fence in an effort to escape.

The couple then proceeded to invest a significant amount of cash in adding a cement block to stop them from digging there, while also putting new grass seed and soil in the area.

Huskies are number 21 in the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog breeds of 2023 list. However, this breed can often require more attention because of its size.

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