ICE Won’t Deport Immigrant Accused of Vandalism, Reports Say

ICE Won't Deport Immigrant Accused of Vandalism, Reports Say

( – Undocumented immigrants in the US need keep a clean criminal record. Any black mark could result in deportation. However, illegal immigrants in certain areas don’t have to worry because of laws created to protect them.

Geraldo Pando, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, faces charges for vandalism in Union Station and sits safely in jail in Washington, DC. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have reportedly deported Pando four times previously, but he won’t face removal this time.

Despite facing potential hate crime charges for allegedly drawing swastikas on the station’s walls just a day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Pando is safe for now. ICE officials said they can’t deport the man because the incident occurred in Washington, DC, a sanctuary city.

Washington, DC, officials will not cooperate with a detainer giving the agency custody upon his release. Local laws and a federal district court ruling forbid local law enforcement from working with ICE.

However, a report from The Washington Examiner quotes Jessica Vaughan, a director at the Center for Immigration Studies, who argued that ICE, not DC, is to blame for this outcome. “[ICE’s] job is to go ahead and issue the detainer or try to take custody, regardless of the sanctuary policy,” she said. She also pointed out that in some cases, local authorities can let ICE know when an immigrant is leaving their custody so that ICE can arrest them.

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