Iconic American Vehicle Gets a New Name

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Oscar Mayer, a US company that produces meat and cold cuts, has announced that their Wienermobile is going to be rebranded in an effort to recognize the 100 percent Beef Franks. On May 17, Kraft Heinz Company announced the change in a new press release revealing the new name as Frankmobiles.

Frankmobiles will be launched during this year, and they will be labeled with new lettering that is going to refer to the new title along with the “all beef” frank recipe used. The original Wienermobile was first released at Chicago’s General Body Assembly plant back in 1936. This rebranding comes almost 87 years following the original release.

An Oscar Mayer spokesperson revealed to Fox Business that the brand was looking forward to seeing whether the new name “cuts the mustard with its fans.”

Much like the vehicle is going to be changing its name, so will the driver. Previously known as the Wienermobile drivers, they are now going to be referred to as Frankfurters. Kraft Heinz states that this also means that the Wiener Whistles will now be rebranded to Frank Whistles.

Stephanie Vance, who works for Oscar Mayer, said in a statement that the products have become an American staple for close to 100 years. She added that this summer people would become more familiar with a different fan favorite, their 100 percent Beef Franks. She added that their company was focused on ensuring that all of their products were tasty and could make their clients happy.

Kraft Heinz has also announced that Oscar Mayer are having a “Franks for Franks” promotion over the summer which will provide special coupons to those who are named with an iteration of Frank.

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