Illegals Reveal Their 2024 Presidential Pick

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

( – Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy was joined on “Fox & Friends Weekend” by a group of migrants that preferred President Joe Biden instead of former President Donald Trump when it came to the policies they followed regarding illegal immigration. 

Since President Biden took office there have been close to 7.3 million illegal southern border encounters.

Campos-Duffy claimed that the migrants were calling for Joe Biden to provide assistance to them in order to help accomplish their dreams for them to progress ahead. She further pointed out that she had spoken with migrants on an Indian reservation on the Arizona-Mexico border, which she had referred to as a “soft shelter.” As she described this was where illegal immigrants would stop originally before heading to the processing centers. 

During the interview, she asked the group of five adult male migrants who was better for illegal immigration Trump or Biden. They all unanimously argued that it was Biden. 

Other migrants explained that they had come to the United States to find safety for their families and escape from the violence. One of them specifically stated that he had thought it “urgent” to leave after one of his neighbors was killed. 

Campos-Duffy was also informed by another migrant that he used to be a policeman and that there had been threats made against him. He also pointed out that the corruption had resulted in the cartels being “worse than ever.”

Duffy further pointed out that the cartels had “never been stronger” and that the levels of corruption in Mexico had reached a new high.

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