Immigrants Beg Biden For Entrance at the Border

Immigrants Beg Biden For Entrance at the Border

( – President Joe Biden is quickly becoming the best thing that has happened to migrants in years. He has already revoked Donald Trump’s emergency order at the southern border and canceled future construction of the wall.

Biden has promised to boost the number of refugees allowed entry into the United States. His administration is working to process thousands of asylum seekers previously denied immediate entry under Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program.

Scores of migrants were photographed wearing t-shirts and waving signs saying “Biden, Please Let Us In!” as they approached the US-Mexico border near Tijuana on March 2.

There has been a recent surge in the number of arrests of unaccompanied migrant children attempting to cross the border from Mexico. Biden’s permissive policies could lead to massive increases in other migrants hoping to enter the United States.

Unchecked migration could lead to a loss of jobs, not to mention the spread of the coronavirus. It’s high time Biden started considering a return to Trump’s “America First” policies.

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