Indiana’s Governor Signs New Gun Law

Indiana's Governor Signs New Gun Law

( – The Republican-controlled government in Indiana pushed legislation to the governor’s desk, eliminating the need for a permit to carry a handgun. Governor Eric Holcomb (R) signed the bill on March 21 and wiped out the permit system within the state.

Known by many as the Constitutional Carry bill, the legislation had many detractors. The state police superintendent, Doug Carter, was very outspoken about his opposition to it, saying it showed a lack of support for law enforcement. Other law enforcement groups were against the law because it eliminates a tool they use to screen for potentially dangerous people attempting to secure firearms.

Those in support of the legislation said it would allow citizens to have their full rights under the Second Amendment. They felt requiring a permit was contrary to the Constitution.

When signing the bill, Holcomb stated he trusts citizens to make good decisions and be responsible when carrying in public. He reminded the public that the law only applies to those who already have the right to carry a firearm legally. It changes nothing about who has gun rights in the state.

The law will take effect on July 1. Anyone 18 or older with legal rights to possess a firearm will have the right to carry a handgun in public without securing a permit. Governor Mike DeWine of neighboring state Ohio signed a similar bill on March 14.

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