Intuit Reverses Policy Involving Gun Makers, Sellers

Photo by steve woods on Unsplash

( – According to a Fox Business report, Senate Commerce Committee ranking member Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has praised Intuit, a software giant, for reversing a policy that previously blocked gun manufacturers and sellers from taking advantage of some of the company’s services. The company’s services have to do with Intuit’s software, QuickBooks, which is a tool that small businesses use for their accounting and finances.

As reported by Fox Business, an Intuit spokesperson said regarding the policy change that the software policy continually reviewed the policies that they had in place in order to ensure that their customers were having their needs met and that they were complying with all the state and federal laws. The Acceptable Use Policy is considering several different factors including banking partner requirements and law compliance. He added that they continue to be committed to their customers and their needs while working to ensure that their policies cover those needs.

Cruz’s staff had previously launched an oversight investigation into the software company’s business practices, according to Fox Business. Cruz had sent a letter to Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi, in which he outlined the policy which had been in effect until the beginning of August. The policy determined that all businesses that engaged in the manufacturing of firearms were ineligible for the payroll services of QuickBooks.

A similar policy was also in place for all the businesses that were a part of the weapons and firearms sales. Cruz added that his office learned about the discriminatory policies after a Texas firearm manufacturing company had informed them that Intuit canceled their subscription to the services. The company, Dawson Precision, only found out about what had happened after the payroll was submitted, according to Cruz.

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