Investigation Shows Native Children Buried at Dozens of Boarding Schools

Investigation Shows Native Children Buried at Dozens of Boarding Schools

Mass GRAVES Found Full Of Children – Look Where They Were

( – Every nation has dark parts of its history, whether or not they choose to acknowledge it. The US government is starting on a new path to acknowledge its role in the death of hundreds, potentially thousands, of Indian children at government-run boarding schools for around 150 years.

Department of the Interior Releases Investigative Report

On Wednesday, May 11, the Department of the Interior (DOI) released part one of a report addressing the horrors that occurred during the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative from 1819 to 1969. It speaks to the forced removal of Native American children from their homes to attend these institutions, which often abused them, leading to their deaths.

The report details how the government would deny food to families until they handed their children over to authorities to attend the boarding schools. The institutions were reportedly often run with strict military methods and discipline, sometimes forcing older children to discipline the younger ones.

According to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, the traumatic system included children as young as four. Haaland, who is Native American, is carrying on this work to bring justice to survivors and closure to Indigenous people and tribes so they “can continue to grow and heal.”

Acknowledging the Deaths of Potentially Thousands of Children

The report details the 408 different schools run either by the government or religious organizations through this program and the 53 burial sites investigators have found thus far. Many sites were unmarked, leading authorities to wonder how many more could be out there.

While the government knows at least several hundred children died while attending these schools, the report predicts the number could rise “to be in the thousands or tens of thousands.” In all, over 100,000 Indian children attended these schools, leading to many families having to deal with the trauma they caused.

Where Does America Go From Here?

In 2021, Canada went through a similar realization when its government announced there was an Indian boarding school with an unmarked grave containing 215 human remains. The government investigated the matter with its Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

In the US, the DOI plans to publish a second report as it continues researching these schools and graves funded by a $7 million budget from Congress to continue the work. In addition, a subcommittee at the US House of Representatives will hear information about a bill for a truth and healing commission similar to Canada’s to ensure this process delivers justice and hope to those it affected.

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