Iran To Provide Russia With Drones, Jake Sullivan Says

Iran To Provide Russia With Drones, Jake Sullivan Says

Iran Accused of Planning To HELP Russia – This Is Disturbing

( – On July 11, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the press that Iran is preparing to send drones to Russian troops to assist in the Ukraine conflict. He explained intelligence had shown a shipment of several hundred of the flying devices. Some could be capable of carrying weapons.

Sullivan said he doesn’t know whether or not Iran has sent over any supplies already. But it seems the middle Eastern nation is working on quickly to provide the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Kremlin-led troops.

In addition, Sullivan explained Iranians would train Russia’s troops to use the drones. The national security adviser noted this type of support is just one way Russia is leaning on other countries that aren’t allied with the US and Europe.

Sullivan assured journalists the White House is still supporting Ukraine and insisted the capital city of Kyiv would not fall to the Russians. He also promised the US would continue providing aid to allow the beleaguered nation to maintain a strong defense.

Center for Naval Analyses research program director Michael Kofman said it shouldn’t take long for Russian troops to learn to use the UAVs. He also noted that Russian combatants have been losing several drones recently but can’t make replacements, which is why they’ve partnered with Iran, a nation with developers who can quickly make combat-ready devices.

On July 13, a report from The Voice of Ukraine cited a piece from La Repubblica, which reported that Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian denied Sullivan’s statements. He allegedly asserted that despite existing agreements with Russia, Iran doesn’t plan to support either side in the war with Ukraine.

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