Iranian Leader BLASTS Biden – Makes Stunning Accusations!

Iranian Leader Lashes Out at Biden Amid Protests

Iranian Leader Lashes Out at Biden Amid Protests

( – President Joe Biden spoke up on October 14 about the current unrest in the nation of Iran. He spoke his mind about the country’s strict policies discriminating against women — and shortly after, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi placed the blame on the United States for wanting to send his country into a tailspin.

President Biden’s Remarks

Biden spoke about Iran while at the Irvine Valley Community College in California. He stated his opposition to the regime’s strict dress code for women, saying the theocracy should allow them to wear whatever they want. He also called on the nation to “end the violence against its own citizens.”

Biden noted that it made no sense for the country to attack its own citizens for trying to exercise basic human rights. He said leaders should step up to make the nation more peaceful.

Raisi’s Comments

Following Biden’s comments, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi placed the blame on October 16 on the POTUS for causing an eruption of violence in his nation. He said Biden prompted the civil unrest because his statements emboldened protestors, who felt they had the right to demonstrate against the regime. He also accused the US of causing “destruction” in his country.

Raisi also referred to Islamic Republic founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei who called the United States “the Great Satan,” saying the US wants to ruin Iran. He claimed the White House’s goal was to unleash chaos to help weaken leadership.

The Unrest Situation

The Iranian protests occurred after the death of Mahsa Amini. The morality police took the woman into custody for violating the strict modesty dress code, which requires females to wear a veil in a specific manner. She died three days later, and the police faced immediate backlash under accusations they had beaten her, but officials claimed Amini died from a heart attack despite her young age.

People have been walking off their jobs and holding demonstrations to show their support and discontent with the government’s actions. In response, police have used tear gas against some groups, and a riot broke out at Evin Prison in Tehran. The demonstrators are calling for police accountability to protest Amini’s death and a stop to restrictive rules for women. They’ve also advocated dismantling the government and called for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down as Supreme Leader.

In a televised address on October 14, Khamenei warned protestors to end their demonstrations. He reminded them of the government’s strength and stated they would fail to take it down.

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