Iranian Leader Makes Stunning Nuclear Deal Demands

Iran Leader Makes Stunning Nuclear Deal Demands

( – Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Obama/Biden-era Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, calling it an “embarrassment.” He also reimposed strict sanctions on the terrorist state as part of an effort to force it to abandon its uranium enrichment efforts.

In mid-January 2021, Iran launched a series of military exercises amid growing tensions between the nation and the U.S. Breitbart News reported a few days later that the Biden administration had quietly begun holding talks with Tehran.

Upping the ante, Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued an ultimatum to the Biden administration on February 7. According to him, Iran would only re-enter the peace agreement if the US lifted all economic sanctions.

However, the latest reports indicate the Biden administration has no intention of working with Iran until it halts all of its uranium enrichment programs. For now, the United States and Iran appear to be locked in a standoff with no end in sight. It’s too bad that Biden’s primary concern seems to be undoing Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda at the expense of global security.

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