Is Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Accidentally Helping Republicans?

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – In a letter, Hunter Biden’s legal team may have confirmed the authenticity of Biden’s laptop, only to change what they were saying within 24 hours, Fox News recently reported. Biden and his counsel Abbe Lowell in recent letters said that some of Biden’s critics, including the media, may need to prepare for lawsuits. They even went as far as to argue that the tax-exempt status of certain groups is taken away by the IRA. However, the team is currently moving in an even more “precarious” direction, according to Fox News, by adopting a strategy that had previously been followed by Steven Bannon. Bannon was eventually convicted of contempt of Congress for this strategy.

Lowell, in a letter this week, refused to hand over any of Hunter Biden’s documents to Congress. This could potentially open up the roadway for Biden to receive a subpoena or even be prosecuted. It’s especially significant due to efforts by House Republicans to investigate the current president’s son.

In his reply to the committee’s requests for documents relating to the oversight investigation into the Biden family’s alleged influence, Lowell said that the investigation was “Peddling your own inaccurate and baseless conclusions under the guise of a real investigation.” The letter was directed to James Comer, the House Oversight Committee Chair.

Lowell also added that the request for documents did not currently have a “legitimate legislative purpose” and that he was still open to potentially sitting with the committee and determining whether there was any information in Biden’s possession that could be useful to the committee’s legislative purposes and mission.

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