James Foley’s Family Testifies at Trial Involving His Murder

James Foley's Family Testifies at Trial Involving His Murder

(ConservativeHub.com) – Journalists often take risks to report wars, pandemics, or uprisings from the front lines. In 2012, journalist James Foley did just that when he headed to Syria to cover the country’s civil war. However, he failed to call home that Thanksgiving, revealing something was wrong. Captors kidnapped Foley and eventually killed him the following summer. Now, his family is testifying at the trial of one of his alleged kidnappers.

On Monday, April 4, the mother and brother of James Foley testified at the terror trial of El Shafee Elsheikh, a man accused of kidnapping Foley and three other US citizens in 2012. In January 2013, Foley’s captors emailed his family and demanded a ransom. Then, in December of that same year, Foley’s captors told the family they wanted 100 million Euros or the release of Muslim prisoners. However, according to the Associated Press, Foley’s brother testified these requests were “not a reasonable demand” and therefore “not a negotiation” as far as he was concerned.

The New York Post shared a photo of Foley on Twitter:

In the eight months following these emails, Foley’s captors did not respond to the family’s requests to speak. However, in August 2014, the Islamic State announced it would kill Foley in response to a US bombing mission targeting the group. They followed through on their threat, releasing a disturbing video online that made a spectacle of Foley’s horrific execution.

“It sounded too horrific,” Foley’s mother, Diane, said during the testimony, explaining that she first learned of the execution from a reporter. She told the court she’d hoped it was a “cruel joke.” The same day, then-President Barack Obama delivered a televised address to the American public about her son’s death.

This devastating story highlights the brutality of the Islamic State. Hopefully, Foley’s family will receive some degree of justice for the horrific and cruel killing of their beloved son and brother.

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