Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion Destroyed by New Owner

Jeffrey Epstein's Mansion Destroyed by New Owner

( – The drama surrounding billionaire financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein continues despite his death, reportedly by his own hand, while awaiting trial on new charges in a Manhattan detention center in August 2019. The nightmare experienced by his victims may never end, but it appears they may find some relief in the form of financial compensation for their suffering.

The Palm Beach Daily News reported on April 19 that demolition crews had begun knocking down Epstein’s Florida mansion. Prosecutors say he assaulted numerous underage girls and young women there during his years-long sex-trafficking scheme.

Florida developer Todd Michael Glaser purchased Epstein’s former Florida home for more than $18 million last month, intending to tear it down. Money raised from the sale went to a program established to compensate the convicted pedophile’s victims.

Fox News reported that Epstein’s former Manhattan townhouse sold for roughly $50 million in March. The funds from that sale also went to Epstein’s victims.

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