Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Make No Progress During Phone Call

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Make No Progress During Phone Call

( – President Joe Biden has struggled to handle international relations with countries like China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. After recent talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it doesn’t seem like his record will change anytime soon.

On February 12, Biden and Putin had a teleconference to discuss the Ukraine border issue. President Biden continued to warn the Russian president about severe consequences if Putin invades the neighboring country. Despite offering solutions and approaching the situation diplomatically, the president walked away with no forward movement.

Similar to previous meetings between the US and Russia, this call made no noticeable difference. There’s no indication whether Putin will back off the border or storm across it. The conversation didn’t serve to ease Biden’s mind or cause him to roll back recommendations for Americans to evacuate Ukraine.

A senior administration official said the president would continue reaching out diplomatically because the risks are too great at this point not to encourage the Kremlin to rethink its actions. However, Biden’s inability thus far to make Putin back down or commit to pursuing a peaceful resolution instead of war only adds to the president’s weak image on foreign policy. If he fails to stop a Russian invasion, it could negatively impact the Democratic party at midterm elections and continue to erode the president’s already shaky approval ratings.

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