Joe Biden Doesn’t Have Nearly Enough Support to Win Presidential Primary

Joe Biden Doesn't Have Nearly Enough Support to Win Presidential Primary

Democrats Turn On Biden Just When He Needs Them Most

( – While the 2022 midterm elections won’t take place until November, some people are already looking forward to the next presidential election in 2024. A recent Harvard-Harris poll showed only 37% of Democrat voters were willing to throw their support behind President Joe Biden. The low number is concerning for the Democratic Party because ordinary Americans aren’t enthusiastic about Biden running for reelection based on the results.

It’s worth noting the respondents in this survey didn’t seem too excited about any of the potential candidates. Vice President Kamala Harris came in second at 14%, and third was Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at 9%. The remaining votes went to some Democratic members of Congress, current administration officials, and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Without Biden in the race, Harris managed to win 31% of respondents’ favor. Clinton followed with 14%.

The poll also asked respondents how they felt about the country’s direction, with 61% saying things are not going the right way. When asked about the president’s job approval, 54% of Democrats said they weren’t happy with Biden’s performance.

The online study took place from April 20 to April 21 and surveyed 1,966 registered voters. The Harvard-Harris Poll weighted the results according to various demographics, including political party and respondents’ tendency to be online.

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