Joe Biden Draws Criticism After Closing His Eyes at Climate Meeting

Joe Biden Draws Criticism After Closing His Eyes at Climate Meeting

( – Since he took office in January, many Americans have wondered if President Joe Biden has what it takes to lead the United States during such an intense and complicated time. Leading the free world demands immense energy and backbone, after all. But, it seems the travel and speeches became a little too much for the president to handle when a reporter appeared to catch him dozing off during the COP26 climate summit in Scotland.

On Monday, November 1, Washington Post reporter Zach Purser Brown caught a video of Biden repeatedly closing his eyes during a speech at the climate summit. While he has his eyes shut, a White House aide comes up to the president for a quick word before the speech ends, and Biden joins in the applause.

Fox News shared the incident on Youtube:

The House Republicans called the commander-in-chief out on his heavy eyelids, declaring, “America is in crisis, and Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel.” Many Americans and lawmakers echoed this sentiment, although a few also came to Biden’s defense, highlighting the difficulty of staying awake while jet-lagged during a monotonous speech.

Either way, Biden reflected a sleepy tone at this global summit, drawing many questions about whether or not his leadership is right for the US.

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