Joe Biden Removes Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker from Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

Joe Biden Removes Dr. Oz from Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

( – The White House sought the resignation of Dr. Mehmet Oz (more commonly known just as Dr. Oz) and Herschel Walker from the President’s Council on Sports, Nutrition, and Fitness. Both men are currently seeking seats in Congress as Republicans. The administration stated candidates running for federal office could not serve on the board.

Former President Donald Trump appointed both men to the council. Oz, who is best known for his daytime television show, is seeking a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, while Walker, a former football star, hopes to become a senator in Georgia.

Walker responded to the president’s request for his resignation from the council by saying Biden is afraid he will win his congressional race. Oz also accused the White House of executing a political move.

The White House maintains it’s against policy for the two men to continue on the board while running for Congress. In the notice to Walker and Oz, the administration told them to resign by the end of the day on March 23 or face removal. Both men stated the president would have to remove them because they refused to quit.

The administration made two new appointments on March 23. José Andrés and Elena Dell Donne will take the positions vacated by Walker and Oz.

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