Joe Biden Reportedly Looking to Cancel Massive Student Debt

Joe Biden Reportedly Looking to Cancel Massive Student Debt

( – Members of the extreme left wing of the Democrats began battling for party control with moderates after Joe Biden won the highly disputed 2020 presidential election. It appears far-left advocates may have scored at least one victory over mainstream Democrats.

Progressives like Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have been pushing Biden for months to forgive tens of thousands of dollars in college loan debt. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said during an April 1 interview with Politico’s The Playbook that Biden is exploring his options to make that demand a reality.

According to Klain, the president tasked his secretary of education, Miguel Cardona, with preparing a memorandum detailing the legality of erasing up to $50,000 in college debt per student.

Klain said that Biden hadn’t made a final decision about student debt either way. The president needs the memo to understand his legal standing and authority to wipe out debts first.

Biden had resisted the leftist demands to forgive college loans for months. It now appears that he’s willing to meet them halfway. Of course, it’s likely American taxpayers who will have to fund this compromise.

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