Joe Biden Says Inflation Has Become a “Tough Problem”

Joe Biden Says Inflation Has Become a

Biden Finally Admits SERIOUS Problem – Comes Right Out And Says It

( – While many factors always influence inflation, citizens often look directly to the leader of their nation to help bring the economy back under control. After months of calling the rising prices “transitory,” President Joe Biden finally admitted it’s “a real tough problem to solve.”

On Tuesday, May 10, President Biden spoke with reporters about the economy and attempted solutions the White House has put forward. He highlighted the two main reasons he believes inflation is happening: COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and Putin’s war in Ukraine. The New York Post shared a photo from the briefing:

To combat the rising prices, especially on groceries and gas, Biden advertised his Democratic plan, where Congress would raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans to reduce regular expenses for families. Yet, many citizens wonder how much higher taxes on the wealthy would actually help them put food on the table and gas in the tank.

Biden continued to blame Republicans for not letting any of his proposals to reduce inflation through Congress, all while his job approval ratings sink even further. But, the fact the sitting president even acknowledged inflation now as a real problem could be a step in the right direction. Will he finally work to combat it before it hits double digits?

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