Journalist Reportedly Shot, Killed in Mexico

Journalist Reportedly Shot, Killed in Mexico

Journalist MURDERED – Shot Dead!

( – AP News reports that Mexico has earned the distinction of being the most dangerous place where journalists can work, apart from an active warzone. The murder of Fredid Roman on August 22 reportedly marks the 15th killing of a reporter in the country in 2022. Roman ran an online publication and social media accounts where he often posted about local politics in the state of Guerrero.

Accounts of Roman’s murder lack detail. Prosecutors only said he was shot while in his vehicle in Chilpancingo. A report from The Independent noted that his death came shortly after he uploaded a column discussing the arrest of a former Mexican official related to the disappearance of 43 people in 2014. It also came on the heels of another journalist’s murder.

On August 16, authorities discovered the remains of Juan Arjón López. He apparently died from head trauma following a physical beating in Sonora. Officials announced an arrest in the case on August 17 but released few details, revealing only that the vehicle used in the crime was from California.

The Committee to Protect Journalists’ Mexican representative Jan-Albert Hootsen explained that while some cases like Lopez’s do see arrests, too many go unsolved, emboldening those who seek to kill reporters. Often, the suspects are part of drug cartels or local politicians who are challenging to prosecute.

This problem doesn’t just exist in Mexico. It is happening worldwide. The International Press Institute reported the deaths of up to 52 reporters since October 2021 in various countries. Many of these victims were reportedly targeted because of the work they do.

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