Judge Blocks Plan by Ben & Jerry’s To Stop Certain Sales

Judge Blocks Plan by Ben & Jerry's To Stop Certain Sales

Judge SHUTS DOWN Liberal Company’s Plan – Major Rejection!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Unilever bought Ben & Jerry’s in a takeover deal in 2000, but the famous ice cream brand kept its own board to oversee social justice causes. After the two recently headed to court over a dispute about whether or not the parent corporation could sell the popular frozen treats in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, a judge ruled in Unilever’s favor.

On Monday, August 22, US District Court Judge Andrew Carter rejected the Ben & Jerry’s board’s request to stop its ice cream from appearing in stores in Israeli settlements. In its claim, the group argued the move goes against its values because of the ongoing disputes between Israel and Palestine over which country owns the land. The suit also emphasized that selling the frozen treats there would confuse the customers about the brand’s true mission.

In response to this argument, Carter’s three-page decision outlined that the board’s claim was “too speculative” and there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest it would actually cause harm.

Britain-based Unilever will allow the sale of Ben & Jerry’s under its Israeli licensee, which uses Hebrew and Arabic on its packaging.

The Vermont-founded ice cream company has championed a variety of causes. These include climate justice, voting rights, campaign finance reform, and LGBTQ+ rights.

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