Judge Jeanine Lashes Out Against Hunter Biden

Judge Jeanine Lashes Out Against Hunter Biden

(ConservativeHub.com) – Unless you have been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard the term “woke” a lot lately. Merriam-Webster added its slang use, which describes a state of being socially and racially aware, in September 2017. More recently, some commentators have reversed the term, using it pejoratively against people who take certain leftist beliefs and policies too far.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro pummeled Joe Biden’s son Hunter with the term during a rant lasting nearly five minutes on the April 10 airing of her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” program.

Judge Jeanine delivered a perfectly executed assault on Biden’s utter contempt for the law, something he could never have pulled off anywhere but in “woke America.”

“Where [else] other than in ‘woke America’ can a strung-out druggie” avoid criminal prosecution after he lied on his application to get a pistol? After he acquired this weapon, his girlfriend then managed to lose it in a dumpster across the street from a high school.

In “woke America,” he has the FBI and local police officers pull his application — “Yet, no one is arrested.”

Nope, in “woke America,” Hunter Biden gets to take advantage of both “white privilege” and “Biden privilege,” a “twofer,” as Judge Jeanine puts it. Will Biden ever be held accountable for his actions? It remains to be seen.

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