Judge Rules Against Biden Admin’s Border Parole Policy

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On March 8, a federal judge deemed that the Biden administration’s policy of releasing people seeking asylum at the southern border instead of detaining them was unlawful.

The Hill reported that Judge T. Kent Wetherell II ruled last week that the “catch and release” policy, which has frequently been criticized by Republicans, was violating the Immigration and Nationality Act. He then proceeded to blast the Biden administration for their handling of the situation at the US-Mexico border.

In Wetherell’s ruling, he wrote that the evidence presented in the case had shown that the administration had transformed the border into a “meaningless line in the sand.” He criticized the high number of undocumented immigrants who continue to enter the US. He then added that the prioritization of releasing migrants instead of detaining them was unlawful.

The policy in question was implemented by the Biden administration back in 2021 and has since then been responsible for the release of many migrants into the country’s interior. According to federal law, the government is able to temporarily “parole” migrants, however, Wetherell has said that the policy went against statutory requirements and that instead, the government needed to consider their decisions on a case-by-case basis.

According to the ruling, the administration’s policy for parole is also only meant to be “for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” and for those migrants who would return into custody following their period of being on parole. Wetherell also called the surge of migrants at the border a “predictable consequence” of the Biden administration’s actions, according to The Hill.

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