Judge Rules Against Biden Admin’s Controversial Immigration Policy

Judge Rules Against Biden Admin's Controversial Immigration Policy

Court Sides AGAINST Biden Admin – Major Ruling Made!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Since Joe Biden became president, the US-Mexico border has become quite the hotly debated topic among Americans as vast numbers of illegal immigrants cross every day. However, some states have been fighting back against Biden’s policies, and two of them just won.

On Friday, June 10, Texas Federal Judge Drew Tipton struck down an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) restriction that limited the type of immigrants agents could arrest and deport. The lawsuit, filed by Louisiana and Texas, declared the policy violated federal law.

Tipton, appointed by former President Donald Trump, shut down the executive branch’s guidelines which told agents to focus on those undocumented immigrants who recently threatened US communities or public safety. In essence, the policy discouraged agents from deporting illegals who were elderly, minors, or had been in the country for an extended time.

Under Biden’s policy, both the number of arrests and deportations decreased, although the administration has blamed limited resources for some of that. However, the president’s administration was given seven days to appeal the ruling before complying with it.

If President Biden wants such widespread changes made to immigration policy, he’ll have to go through Congress if any potential appeal does not pan out.

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